How to Humanely Remove Bats From Your Attic

Bats are wonderful creatures except when they decide to live in your home or attic. Having bats in your attic can be very problematic. Their droppings and urine can lead to many different health problems so it’s best to deal with them right away and the best variant to deal with them is to call to professionals and ask for help. Atlanta Bat Removal, Atlanta Racoon Removal, Snake Removal and etc. do their best to deal with wildlife animals in a proper and safe way. That way the problem doesn’t get even bigger. You want to make sure that you use humane bat removal techniques. Here are step by step instructions on how to humanly remove bats from your attic.

The first step is to inspect the area that they are living. You want to see which species you have in your attic. You also want to see where they are hiding.

The next step in removing the bats in your attic is to seal off any holes or gaps that allow the bats to get into your home. Bats can get into really little holes as small as a half an inch so it’s important to look closely and find them all. Only seal up holes that the bats haven’t used yet. You don’t want to seal off the ones they go out of routinely just yet. You can use several different products to seal up the holes. These include Polyurethane foam, Caulk, and screening. If you use screening you will want to staple the screen over the holes.

The next step is to install devices that only allow the bats to go out of the holes in your attic and not in. There are many different tools you can use. These include netting, funnels, and cones. You can make a funnel out of many different materials that you have lying around. For example you can use a water bottle. Cut it open at both ends to make a funnel and secure it by the hole. This method works best if there is only a small amount of bats. It also works best for really small holes in your attic. Make sure that you install these perfectly or the bats might be able to get back in.

The forth step is to seal up the rest of the holes (the ones the bats were using to get in routinely). Only do this after you are one hundred percent sure all the bats are out of your attic. Make sure to remove the devices first before sealing off the holes.


Lastly, you will want to clean up the area. Bats are very dirty and leave droppings as well as urine behind. If it’s not cleaned up properly it can corrode your wood. It can also cause mold to grow. This mold can cause a ton of different health problems in humans. You will want to vacuum up the poop and fog the area.

Removing bats from your attic can be really challenging. However, if you are really diligent and find all the entry ways into your attic then you can remove them. By using these bat removal techniques you can ensure that your attic is bat free forever.